Our designer Per Thorstenson created a classic but modern label for us and here is in his own words what inspired him.

“My first contact with this good liqueur was on a tasting in Las Vegas. The tasting began with the story of Kronan Punsch. I remember that in addition to the good taste, I became fascinated by the rich and dramatic history of this liqueur and that it actually was originated in Sweden. And it was also very exciting that it contained rum from both the East and West Indies.

After the tasting I took a closer look at the label and I responded that it did not at all signal the values that came up during the test. I mentioned this and offered to review the design and produce a brand new label. The label along with the bottle must become interesting, clear and promise something. The challenge was to produce a label that signals that this is a tasty premium Swedish Punsch liqueur with a unique and exciting history.

At the top I laid the solemn mark with its crown, banner and the old ship in gold. And to clarify the Swedish in the product, I placed the Swedish flags just below. The name KRONAN should be clear, and in order to bring out taste and character it was important to place the text ”The unique blend of Rum from east & west Indies” in a nice way.

The black label with elements of gold, and text and frame in white becomes neat on the bottle, makes it clear on the shelf and now signals what we want – Premium Swedish Punsch.

We are very satisfied with the result and think that this tasty and exciting liqueur has got a label that it really deserves.”

Per Thorstenson