New label


During the early 1900’s the labels used by the numerous producers of the Swedish Punsch had exciting names, stories to tell and origin. So we decided to update our label to follow those old traditions.

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Rum is made from Sugar. So are bourbon, cognac, vodka and tequila


A recent article in Harper’s, The Rise of Rum Part 2: Reaching new sugar highs, has been making the rounds in the rum community, and not in a favorable way. While purporting to educate, promote and document [...]

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Tiki Tastings: Kronan Swedish Punsch


Punsch is a traditional liqueur in Sweden and it has a long history. It begins with a spirit known as Arrack, a rum-like spirit from South East Asia that was imported by the Swedish East India [...]

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KRONAN Swedish Punsch: An American take on a Scandinavian staple


We’ve covered aquavits, Swedish whisky, ciders and beers, and now we’re covering a Swedish staple making a comeback in the United States: Swedish punsch. About seven years ago, two men devised a plan to restore the [...]

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Bringing It Back Bar: How to Use Swedish Punsch


Every bar sports marginal bottles that elude even the most seasoned drink-makers. In "Bringing It Back Bar," we shine a light on overlooked bottles and devise recipes to take them from back bar to front shelf. [...]

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Haole’s Downfall


Created by Mr. Nick Feather at Restaurant Skool, San Francisco. Ingredients 1 1/2oz Don Q Blanco 1/2oz KRONAN Swedish Punch 1/2oz Guava 1/2oz Lime juice 1/2oz Simple syrup Directions Shake and serve on the rocks in [...]

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Mabel Berra


Ingredients 3/4 oz Averell Damson Gin Liqueur 3/4 oz KRONAN Swedish Punsch 1/2 oz Lime Juice Directions Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.

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Cosmopolitan (1927)


Ingredients ½ oz blended Scotch whisky (not single malt) ½ oz Irish whiskey, preferably Redbreast or Jameson ½ oz KRONAN Swedish Punsch ½ oz vodka, ½ oz Italian vermouth, preferably Cocchi Vermouth di Torino or Dolin [...]

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Diki Diki


Ingredients 1½ oz Calvados, preferably Boulard ¾ oz fresh-squeezed Ruby Red grapefruit juice ½ oz KRONAN Swedish Punsch 1 dash simple syrup pear slices or lemon twist, for garnish Directions Combine all ingredients except garnish with [...]

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